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The Rise of the Runelords Players’ Guide: Everything you need to know about the campaign setting and how to create a character to be part of this adventure, including stand House Rules.

Character Creation: Pathfinder 25 point gen, 200gp starting wealth, Good or Neutral characters only (no Evil). No Leadership feat (standard rule). Otherwise see individual wiki entries for further details.

HistoryRacesWeaponsSpell Revision
GeographyClassesArmor and Shields New & Revised Feats
People of VarisiaFaithsSpecial MaterialsHero Points
Major City-StatesLanguagesOther GearMythic Rules
Other SettlementsTraitsMagic EnhancementsOther House Rules

Books: Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Mythic Adventures; content subject to GM discretion. Content from other rulebooks will be considered on a case by case basis.

Note from your GM
This is a game that revolves heavily around sin and temptation, but also virtue and redemption. There will be opportunity to recruit/collect NPCs as allies to assist you with various endeavors – and perhaps even join your party – depending on the actions of the players. Additionally, players should try to create characters who have, at some point in their lives, sinned. Perhaps they are living the consequences of their actions, perhaps they are trying to atone or redeem themselves – perhaps it was only a minor transgression, of little remark or concern to the character. A wholly virtuous character is possible – but is perhaps a little dull by comparison to a flawed hero.

Main Page

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